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On 14 and 15 March, The IMISCOE SC on Migration Policy and Governance (Maria Schiller & Cathrine Talleraas) and the Amsterdam Research Centre for Migration (Anja van Heelsum) are organizing a writing retreat to take place on Roeterseiland campus. Many great proposals were considered, and the selection process was tough given limited spots. We look forward to welcoming the following participants to share their work with each other and further develop their respective writing projects:
  • Andrea Ricci 

When Towns Go Abroad: The Strategies Deployed and Actors Involved in the Participation ofItalian Small and Rural Towns in Transnational Municipal Networks; 

  • Andrea Pettrachin 

Local elites’ responsiveness to perceived public attitudes to migration and the role of the radical right threat. 

  • Catherine Musuva 

Governance of contemporary labour migration in Kenya 

  • Emily Frank  

Stratified Burdens: The Intersectionality of Administrative Burden in Refugee Welfare Support 

  • Eréndira León Salvador  

Tombola Italiana: Unraveling the Paradox of Inconsistent Asylum Adjudications in Italy 

  • Iva Dodevska  

“Protecting the European way of life”: Liberal values as a site of boundary-making in migrationgovernance 

  • Jiaqi M.LIU  

Towards an Integrative Framework of Immigration and Emigration States: The Chinese MigrationState in the World-System 

  • Laura Westerveen 

Doing Diversity in Rotterdam: A Comparative Study of Semi-Public Organizations 

  • Liberty Chee  

Neoliberal Migration Governance of Domestic Work in Southeast Asia 

  • Nelson Graham 

Transitioning Landscapes of International Education in Canada 

  • Nodira Kholmatova  

Russia–Tajikistan migration industry: navigating legal precarity, labor exploitation, and returnmigration 

  • Shahana Purveen 

Migrants on Wheel: Interplay between formal and Informal Practices 

  • Zeynep Kaşlı 

Unpacking the state power from a regime of bordering perspective: The interplay between actsof mobility, citizenship, and governance along the Greek-Turkish border.

Note: While the retreat itself is open only to invited particpants, we encourage any and all who are interested in meeting the group to bring your lunch and join us in C10.20 between 12.00-13.00 on 15 March.