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Dr. G.A. (Gerben) Moerman

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference
Photographer: UvA

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: B6.00
Postal address
  • Postbus 15508
    1001 NA Amsterdam
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  • Profile

    Dear visitor, 

    Welcome to my personal website at the University of Amsterdam. 

    I am engaged in social science research methods in many ways. My expertise lies in the field of qualitative research methods.  Specifically, I'm especially something qualitative interviewing and different forms of qualitative analysis such as Grounded Theory, Content Analysis, Discourse analysis and Ethnomethodology. I am an enthusiastic user of the qualitative analysis software ATLAS.ti since 1999, I am also well-aquainted with survey methodology and mixed methods research.


    In 1999 I graduated in Sociology of Non-Western Societies in Leiden, on a thesis on the use of Ethnicity by Muslims in Galle in Sri Lanka. Since my graduation, the main focus of my work is on social science research methods. Initially I worked as an assistant to Dr. Wim Dechering  in the project on multimedia education in social research methodology. Later this was a lecturer / PhD student at the Department for Research Methods and Techniques at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Since 2006 I work at the University of Amsterdam.


    Since 1999 I teach in methodology courses at different levels, from introductions to methods, to Methods Electives for Research master students. Underneath the tab Teaching this year’s courses, as well as previous year courses can be found. 

    I deeply enjoy teaching research methods. It is great to enthuse students for subjects that scare or bore them beforehand. Apparently my enthusiasm comes across, because in 2011 I became University of Amsterdam Lecturer of the Year [See links at the bottom].


    In 2010 I received my PhD with a thesis on interviewer behavior in open interviews. In this study, I used a large scale experiment to compare the effects of different probing tactics on the quality of the information obtained through the interview. The thesis can be found online. The PhD was supervised by Prof. Dr. J. van der Zouwen  and Dr. H. van den Berg.


    My current research focuses on method and is often linked to teaching. In academic year 2012-2013 Kees Schuyt, Carolien Bouw, 100 freshmen and 12 thesis students have done a restudy of the famous community study of Ivan Gadourek on Sassenheim: A Dutch Community (1953).

    In the years 2013-2015, we are doing a similar project, but in this case it is a restudy of a more recent study, namely Place making at the newly made residential island IJburg by Tineke Lupi. Again all Freshmen gather survey data and our advanced students do more qualitative research within the IJburg project

    Together with Christian Bröer I am working on a paper on typifications of education in the qualitative analysis. 

    I regularly work on projects along as methodological consultant. See for example: Residents Initiatives  .

    Universiteit van Nederland

    I felt very privileged to be appointed in 2014 as ‘professor’ for the public lectures of the Universiteit van Nederland. I held five lectures of about fifteen minutes in a club in Amsterdam. All lectures were published on the Universiteit van Nederland Website and Youtube (in Dutch) 

    Lecturer of the year

    In early 2012, I was elected Lecturer of the year 2011, what an honor!

    •   The evidence

    •   The most beautiful part (in dutch)

    •   The movie


    Links naar externe sites

  • Teaching

    Courses 2014-2015 

    • Kwalitatief onderzoek (Schakelprogramma Sociale-wetenschappen 6 EC)
    • Methodologie (Sociologie 6 EC)
    • Bacheloronderzoek Terug naar IJburg (Sociologie 18 EC)  
    • Inleiding in Methoden en Technieken van Antropologisch Onderzoek: M&T1 (Antropologie 12 EC)  
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation I (Research Master 6 EC)
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation II (Research Master 6 EC) 
    • Veldwerkproject (Sociologie 6 EC) 
    • Kwalitatieve analyse (Sociologie 6 EC)  

    Courses 2013-2014 

    • Kwalitatief onderzoek (Schakelprogramma Sociale-wetenschappen 6 EC)
    • Methodologie (Sociologie 6 EC)
    • Bacheloronderzoek terug naar IJburg (Sociologie 18 EC)  
    • Inleiding in Methoden en Technieken van Antropologisch Onderzoek: M&T1 (Antropologie 12 EC)  
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation I (Research Master 6 EC)
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation II (Research Master 6 EC) 
    • Antropologische Methoden en Technieken II: Statistiek (Antropologie 6 EC) 
    • Veldwerkproject (Sociologie 6 EC) 
    • Kwalitatieve analyse (Sociologie 6 EC)  

    Courses 2012-2013

    • Carte Blanche: Analyze this! (Honours course on interviewing for IIS 6 EC)
    • Methodologie (Sociologie 6 EC)
    • Participeren en protesteren; kwalitatieve analyse (Sociologie 6 EC)  
    • Bacheloronderzoek Sassenheim Revisited (Sociologie 18 EC)  
    • Inleiding in Methoden en Technieken van Antropologisch Onderzoek: M&T1 (Antropologie 12 EC)  
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation I (Research Master 5 EC)
    • Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation II (Research Master 5 EC) 
    • Antropologische Methoden en Technieken II (Antropologie 6 EC) 
    • Veldwerkproject (Sociologie 6 EC) 
  • Presentations

    Where is the analyse button?

    Teaching Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation using software, presentation held at the ESA midterm conference 2012 in Lund.

    Glazen Huis van de Wetenschap

    De sheets van het minicollege, zoals gehouden bij Het Glazen Huis van de Wetenschap op 3 september 2012. 

    Sheets Universiteitsdag 2012

    Hierbij de sheets van mijn lezing over  de student van tegenwoordig  (maar vooral over methoden), zoals gehouden op de universiteitsdag 2012.

  • Publications


    • Baillergeau, E., Veltkamp, G., Bröer, C., Helleve, A., Kulis, E., Lien, N., Luszczynska, A., Mendes, S., Rito, A., Moerman, G. A., de Sauvage Nolting, R., & Klepp, K.-I. (2024). Democratising participatory health promotion: power and knowledge involved in engaging European adolescents in childhood obesity prevention. Health, Risk & Society. Advance online publication.


    • Bröer, C., Ayuandini, S., Baillergeau, E., Moerman, G., Veltkamp, G., Luszczynska, A., Budin-Ljøsne, I., Rito, A. I., Stensdal, M., Lien, N., & Klepp, K.-I. (2023). Recruiting and engaging adolescents in creating overweight and obesity prevention policies: The CO-CREATE project. Obesity Reviews, 24(S1), Article e13546. [details]
    • Bröer, C., Veltkamp, G., Ayuandini, S., Baillergeau, E., Moerman, G., de Sauvage , R., Banik, A., Luszczynska, A., Mendes, S., Klepp, K.-I., Helleve, A., Nesrallah, S., Lien, N., & Kaur Grewal , N. (2023). Negotiating policy ideas: Participatory action research projects across five European countries. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health , 28, Article 100905. [details]
    • Samdal, O., Budin-Ljøsne, I., Haug, E., Helland, T., Kjostarova-Unkovska, L., Bouillon, C., Bröer, C., Corell, M., Cosma, A., Currie, D., Eriksson, C., Felder-Puig, R., Gaspar, T., Hagquist, C., Harbron, J., Jåstad, A., Kelly, C., Knai, C., Kleszczewska, D., ... Klepp, K.-I. (2023). Encouraging greater empowerment for adolescents in consent procedures in social science research and policy projects. Obesity Reviews, 24(S2), Article e13636. [details]


    • Brown, P., Moerman, G., & Bröer, C. (2019). Interviews as a Means of Exploring Risk Lifeworlds: Excavating the Roots of Everyday Meanings, Experiences and Practices. In A. Olofsson, & J. O. Zinn (Eds.), Researching Risk and Uncertainty: Methodologies, Methods and Research Strategies (pp. 205-230). (Critical Studies in Risk and Uncertainty). Palgrave Macmillan. Advance online publication. [details]


    • Van der Kooij, I. W., Chotoe-Sanchit, R. K., Moerman, G., Lindauer, R. J. L., Roopnarine, J. R., & Graafsma, T. L. G. (2018). Perceptions of Adolescents and Caregivers of Corporal Punishment: A Qualitative Study Among Indo-Caribbean in Suriname. Violence and victims, 33(4), 686-707. [details]


    • van der Kooij, I. W., Nieuwendam, J., Moerman, G., Boer, F., Lindauer, R. J. L., Roopnarine, J. L., & Graafsma, T. L. G. (2017). Perceptions of Corporal Punishment among Creole and Maroon Professionals and Community Members in Suriname. Child Abuse Review, 26(4), 275-288. [details]



    • Bröer, C., Moerman, G., Spruijt, P., & van Poll, R. (2014). Risk policies and risk perceptions: a comparative study of environmental health risk policy and perception in six European countries. Journal of Risk Research, 17(4), 525-542. Advance online publication. [details]

    Prize / grant

    • Moerman, G. A. (2011). UvA Lecturer of the Year.

    Media appearance

    • Moerman, G. A. (09-11-2014). De kunst van het goede interview [Radio] Amsterdam, AmsterdamFM. De kunst van het goede interview.
    • Moerman, G. A. (06-06-2014). Over de kop [Television] NTR, Den Bosch. Over de kop.
    • Moerman, G. A. (29-04-2014). Over liegen, zoenen en hondenangst (over "breaching") [Television] Nederland 2. Over liegen, zoenen en hondenangst (over "breaching").
    • Moerman, G. (21-03-2014). Waarom zijn alle wetenschappers fraudeurs? [Web] Universiteit van Nederland. Universiteit van Nederland.

    Talk / presentation

    • Moerman, G. A. (invited speaker) (4-12-2014). Big textual data and a little interpretation, An International debate on social science methodologies: What needs to be done?, Coïmbra.
    • Moerman, G. A. (invited speaker) (29-10-2014). Winterhelden en zomersukkels, Ashram Colleges, Alphen aan de Rijn.
    • Moerman, G. A. (invited speaker) (11-9-2014). Hoe word je gelukkig van sociale wetenschap?, Fosfor Lezing, Zaanstad.
    • Moerman, G. A. (invited speaker) (13-6-2014). Paul McCartney is al jaren dood!, De Persgroep: Advertiser's Summit Lasting Legends, Hamburg.


    • Moerman, G. (participant) (2016 - 2017). Research For Sarphati Amsterdam (other).
    • Moerman, G. (organiser), Broer, C. (organiser), Veenis, M. (organiser) & Grassiani, E. (organiser) (27-8-2014 - 29-8-2014). #Ethnography: Trends, Traverses and Traditions (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Bouma, S. (2023). Werk als oplossing? Narratieven over de waarde van werk ter preventie van en herstel na partnergeweld. [Thesis, externally prepared, Universiteit van Amsterdam]. [details]


    • Moerman, G. A. (2010). Probing Behaviour in Open Interviews: A Field Experiment on the Effects of Probing Tactics on Quality and Content of the Received Information. [Thesis, fully external, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam]. PhD-thesis Vrije Universiteit.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Panel BV
      Medeontwikkelaar & Methodologisch advies bij deze UvA Startup.