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The new Amsterdam Research Centre for Migration (ARC-M) is launching the UvA Migration Dialogue to provide a platform for early career migration researchers of diverse disciplines, backgrounds and research topics.

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of UvA at different levels of research and academic career progress are invited to join the community to share knowledge of migration theory and methods and have access to original discussions on conceptual and empirical contributions in migration studies. Advanced master's students with experience conducting migration-related research projects are also welcome to join the circle.

Together, we scrutinise migration-related contemporary political and socio-economic issues and decolonial and postcolonial inequalities and challenges. We aim to provide a platform for researchers of all backgrounds and identities to explore critical topics at the intersections of migration, governance, race, gender, human rights, and more.


It is a social and open-minded space where researchers openly discuss the process of knowledge production at any stage of the research project. The networking component of the circle is deemed central to the achievement of its members' potential and goals. 

The main objectives for the year are the following:  

  • Organising events to present papers on original themes by members and guest speakers  
  • Provide a discussant to sessions to open up multidisciplinary, constructive, and productive dialogues with speakers and members
  • Share professional practices, and provide feedback and inputs on working papers
  • Be equally inclusive of the interests of PhDs and postdocs
  • To bridge the PhD and postdoc groups at the AISSR through the experience-based knowledge exchange and common research topics, areas, and methods
  • Develop a network of early career academics engaged in contemporary debates inside and outside academia, ready to collaborate on different projects
  • Once a year, combine an event with a social trip to engage with Amsterdam's and the Netherlands's history, culture, and society 


Dr. N. (Nodira) Kholmatova

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Challenges to Democratic Representation

Events and Contacts

We organise monthly sessions. To become a member of the Migration Dialogue group at UvA and to receive the event announcements, write to us at